With more than four decades of experience, Pepe Peñalver is without a doubt one of the benchmark
Spanish textile brands.

Since its creation in 1964, the development of this brand in the marketplace has shown constant
growth, thanks to its commitment to the development of unique products, high level aesthetics,
meticulous quality and excellent service.

Directly influenced by the creative explosion in artistic movements of the 60s, it has been
inextricably linked with the cultural development of its surroundings. Pepe Peñalverʼs historical
archive has been enriched by the different design competitions organized through its enterprising
vision. At various points, young artists have contributed their own expressive talents to give a
special edge to a brand which already transmits style.

This spirit of enterprise which has always been a leading characteristic of the company lives on in
its continued achievements in adapting to the needs and trends of the marketplace.