Pepe Peñalver is a textile editor which has shown extraordinary international growth over recent
years. Itʼs a point of reference for progress, reliability and excellence. In 2010 Pepe Peñalver
defined its future strategic vision, starting a process of internal transformation, ensuring that it could
provide its clients with designs which answered their every need, across different cultures and
Pepe Peñalverʼs international career is a constant, perceived in its limitless style, philosophy of
complete satisfaction for its clients and a continually increasing ʻknow howʼ since its original
creation. The search for excellence is not simply an idea, but an end in itself which is shown by the
quality and innovative design of its collections.

Pepe Peñalver is established across five continents through its network of agents and distributors. A
large family with a common vision, whose commitment to clients is constantly evident in its
unmistakable ʻknow howʼ.